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Full Data Project Management

You've heard the hype around Big Data and Predictive Analytics. Maybe you even have ideas as to how it could help you make better business decisions. But the gap between ideas and application is wide and complex. Melgren Analytics exists to fill that gap, going beyond the hype to meet your actual business needs with practical, powerful data solutions. Whether you need complete project guidance or guidance on one step of the process, Melgren Analytics is here to help.

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning and AI models are the core of any good predictive analytics or automation project. As we understand your business needs, we can help select the right algorithm and fine tune it until you have the powerful insights and predictions your company needs to make informed decisions.

Data Management

Having the right data in the right format is fundamental to any AI project. We'll work with you to understand what data you have, what data you can get, and how to prepare that data to be used in a model. We will also help you understand how best to maintain your data long-term so your analytics can grow as you collect more data.


Powerful insights mean nothing unless they get to the key people in your organization. Based on your team's unique needs, we'll help build the right reports, dashboards, or any other form of Business Intelligence you need to make your insights count.

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